NEVER BLINDLY TRUST THIS APPLICATION! This only meant as an additional help when deciding whether to skydive or not. There are zero guarantees that the data or the interpretation is correct.

It is made by Esa-Matti Suuronen during the weather holds. Feel free the contact me at esa-matti@suuronen.org for any suggestions or issues you have with it. Usage of this application is free but if you want to support its development you can buy me a jump ticket (or beer) 🙂

The source code is licensed under the MIT license and is hosted on Github.

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Täältä näkee onko torni auki ym. jos ymmärtää koodikieltä, mutta tornin aukioloajat on helppo tarkistaa: ”PORI TWR OPR HR” eli ”Porin torni on auki… ”. HUOM! Kellonajat ilmoitettu UTC+0, eli kesäaikaan lisättävä 3h ja talviaikaan 2h.